Fetty Wap Suing Assistant For Stealing $250,000 From Him

Sources inside Fetty’s RGF Productions revealed that collected the money and even charged additional fees to venues where the rapper is booked. Fetty Wap company has already contacted their attorney to explore legal action against Morgan. Fetty Wap is filthy rich but that doesn’t mean that he won’t miss a quarter of a million dollars, after all he has kids and baby mamas to support. RGF reps also claimed that she lies about added fees and pocketed those extra cash. She claimed that she took the industry standard 10% on bookings and would regularly used her own credit card for tour expenses, but was never reimburse. She also claimed that she has receipts to back up her claim. Not only did Morgan collected booking fees on behalf of RGF, she also pocketed the dough. TMZ reported that the Patterson rapper fired his assistant Shawna Morgan on Friday for pretending to be his booking agent and manager. Fetty Wap is planning to sue an assistant that allegedly stole $250,000 from him. She also fooled potential promoters by emailing them on the side in an effort to collect additional fees, a practice known in the industry as double dip. As for Morgan’s side of the story, she vehemently denies the allegations saying that RGF Productions is the one who owes her $250,000 in unpaid expenses.