Ice Cube – Steady Mobbin’ (Death Certificate 25Th Anniversary Edition Album)

I’m out the door
With "U Can’t Touch This" on the front
Grumbbin’ like a motherfucker
In for the night, no longer steady mobbin’
Cause I’m rollin’ on rims
I’m ’bout to get rich
Bent, front and back glass got tint
Looking for the place where all the hoes kick it at
Slipped on the condom
Just for the nappy heads
And I might start slangin’ bean pies
Rather be judged by twelve than carried by six
Cause I had the jam on
Saw Sir Jinx bailin’
Since one-time so hot
Out, cause I just don’t trust em
But scandalous bitches, make for happy Feds
That take they life for a joke, get in nigga
Tryin’ to get our hands on some dollars and cents
Without puttin’ on the latex
One fool brought the music for the yams
But Ice Cube had more amps, get in bitch
Cause I’m gettin’ major
Don’t you know that niggas get smoked
Give me the nappy and make me happy
Don’t drink 8 Ball, cause St. Ide’s is givin ends
Eating soul food, neckbones from M&M’s
And I don’t want to hear shit about a tampon
On the ass hard and fast
All you might get is a rubber on the floor
And if you tell on me I’m bombin’ on Betty
Cause life ain’t nuttin but money and fuck a bitch

And if you didn’t know, Ice Cube got drama hoes
Cause they got a few bitches starin’
Cause I’m ready to hit the road like Mario Andretti
Went to mom’s house and dropped a load in the bathroom
Better known as a deuce and we all wanna smother shit
And could please try not to leave a gash?’
Bustin’ caps in the mix
Comin’ out feelin’ about ten pounds lighter

Bitch shoulda known I was steady mobbin’
I bust a nut and get up and put on my white Ewings
I said yeah, but I don’t play sex
Or the bootleg t-shirt of the month
Went to Bone’s house so I can get the gat
Niggas get mad, tempers are flarin’
(Steady mobbin’) Have you ever seen such a sight in your life?
Told all my friends:
Jumped back in my low rider
Four or five niggas in a mothership
Greasy-ass lips, now I gots to take a shit
And fools can’t hold us
But hoes lickin’ nuts like stamps
Fools get drunk and wanna compete
Every chance we get, we hittin’ up the rollers
Got me a stash spot in my hooptie for the Glock
They drop like dominoes
So after the screwin’
The ho said ‘Pappy could you slap me

And it came out sort of like confetti
Comin’ up short of the green guys
Bitch, cause I’m steady mobbin’
Lench Mob ain’t nuttin but tramps
Have you ever seen such a sight in your life? (Steady mobbin’)
I make it my duty to cuss ’em

Slapboxin in the street
When I hit a left on Ruthelen, "Whattup loc?"
Fuck Pac Tel, move to Sky Pager
Fucked around and dropped the bomb son
I take you to the pad soon