In Australia, police are looking for a cute, runaway quokka named Steve

4, fleeing a rubbish bin on the mainland where he was mistaken for a large rat, local media reported. Few quokkas are thought to exist on mainland Australia where they are exposed to predators like foxes and traffic. “As with all escapees, Steve is not to be approached as he may act in an unpredictable manner,” the police statement added, urging anyone who spots Steve to alert wildlife authorities. They are considered a vulnerable species and primarily found on Rottnest island, 12 miles   from Perth, where they are better protected. “Steve is described as small, cute and furry. He may use his cuteness to trick unsuspecting humans into giving him food,” Western Australia police posted on their Facebook page.   Authorities are concerned for the safety of the small animal, named Steve, who was last seen on Jan. A runaway quokka, who escaped its island home off Australia’s west coast on a rubbish barge, is in danger and police are issuing an appeal to save the “cute” marsupial.