Jekyll And Hyde: The Original Broadway Production – Your Work- And Nothing More lyrics

Still, I pray, Dear, I pray, I pray If you live around
Every day, Every day, I Here[?] lots of people I
Henry may Henry may May Fear will make
Find his way. SIR DANVERS:
It’s more than work –
He is obsessed! –
You seemed to know
Just what to live for! Know nothing
Of the
Possibilities I see. I, who have known
You for so long,
I see the pain
In your eyes! EMMA: (Simultaneously)
Just give him time
I ask no more

I see a change
Of a bizarre kind! You are possessed –
What is your demon? UTTERSON: (Simultaneously)
This increasing
Isolation only adds
To your frustration
And it could

JEKYLL: (Simultaneously)
Father… EMMA:
It is his work! Before you forever Things are not
Don’t be unkind. JEKYLL: (Simultaneously)
Become –

My work
and nothing
More? May
I pray I pray Find
He may find You may find My
His way! UTTERSON: (Simultaneously)
There was a time
You lived your life,
And no one lived
The way that you did! Honor
My dear and the
I will pray, I will pray I Truth is
Every day, Every day. Pray That it’s all a
Henry may You two may I Façade
Find his way. He is obsessed! His work’s a crime
To be forgiven! He could lose control,
And that I dread

There has been talk:
They say he’s gone too far. SIR DANVERS: (Simultaneously)
He has his work
And nothing more. SIR DANVERS: (Simultaneously)
There’s something strange. The only way he knows
Is straight ahead! Late Ever
I see a change Permitted to
Of a bizarre kind

There’s not at all! There’s something strange,
There’s something wrong. UTTERSON:
You have your work
And nothing more! You had a plan,
You chose a wife,
You saw the world
As very few did! EMMA: JEKYLL:
Just give him time, Who are they
I ask no more. My fear is, he’s in over his head. SIR DANVERS: UTTERSON: JEKYLL:
He’s chasing Time to awaken And I will
Dreams Before it’s too Prove, if I’m
He’ll never find! Don’t be unkind. SIR DANVERS: (Simultaneously)
He’s chasing dreams
He’ll never find

The problem’s all
In your mind! Way! He’s locked himself away
In his own world,
Pursuing the insanity -! The man is driven! Unless I’m blind! Find your way! JEKYLL: (Simultaneously)

UTTERSON: (Simultaneously)

But now, it seems,
You don’t at all,
You have you work –
Nothing more!… I see a change –
It’s like when hope dies. To judge what I
His work’s a crime Am doing they
To be forgiven! EMMA: (Simultaneously)
There’s not at all! Determine your fate Wrong just
Problem’s all Because they
In your mind! Find his way! EMMA:
Just give him time,
I ask no more. The man is driven! JEKYLL: (Simultaneously)

Father, you know
Henry won’t just walk away. You’ve never been
This way before –
Where is the fire
You built your dream on? Your way! Find Promises
I pray he may I pray he may My They will not
Find his way! UTTERSON: (Simultaneously)
You had it all –
The overall! SIR DANVERS
Emma, you’ve not heard
A single word I’ve said! Are new! Find his way Way!