John Moreland – Love Is Not An Answer (Big Bad Luv Album)

And we’ll wonder where it comes from
We’ll close our eyes each godforsaken time
The world gets painted black

But love is not an answer
Then wonder who I’m talking to
Don’t let me meet the devil
That I sang those songs about
When the tools we use to fix ourselves
But I can’t remember how
I’d let my colors show
But what if I’m just a bastard
I used to miss my cues
Are just the fools we stood beside
Swinging from my soul

With heaven’s lonely ghetto
I used to say ‘I love you’
There’s a truth I need to trust
But the noise is too damn loud
Devotion strong but tender
Laying low inside your radio
And choke the poison back
Won’t you help me make a fist
And you’re all I’ve got to trust
How the pain cuts through the pride
Bring me all your doubts
It’s stuck there in the stillness
Devotion like an anchor
Up there crying down on us
And I thought I was an actor
I don’t need an answer, I need you
Devotion dark and cold
So bring my all your questions
Cause the hounds of youth are howling
I used to weigh the distance