Kendrick Lamar On Drake “You Can’t Be Greatest Rapper And Use Ghostwriter”

If you’re saying you’re a different type of artist and you don’t really care about the art form of being the best rapper, then so be it. Still have them raps going crazy on that album and have a Number One record, wink-wink.”
This doesn’t mean that Kendrick Lamar is trying to ignite a beef with Drake, perhaps he was just being sincere in answering the questions. Let’s be clear about one thing, Drake has in the past did full length interviews where he said he never used a ghostwriter and also said that he properly credit any writer who writes songs for him. “It depends on what arena you’re putting yourself in,” Kendrick Lamar said. Kendrick Lamar has never been shy to share his thoughts on issues in hip hop whether through his music or in interviews and in his recent sit down with Rolling Stone he opened up about the touchy topic of ghostwriters. The “DAMN” rapper even said that there are a bunch of Drake songs that he likes. Is this how Kendrick Lamar really feels about Drake alleged use of ghostwriters to pen some of his music. K-Dot has the top selling album of the year so far after DAMN debut at number one on the Billboard 200 chart with 605,000 copies sold in the first week. The project is still doing well on the chart sitting at number two after sixteen weeks on the chart. “Not many can do it … wink-wink [laughs]. The interviewer specifically asked him about using ghostwriters and while he didn’t mention Drake by name, some fans are already concluding that he is talking about the Toronto emcee. Make great music. But the title, it won’t be there.”
K-Dot also touched on the topic of some rappers making pop songs to gain more commercial success. Again Drake comes to mind since the OVO rapper often make songs that sounds a little less rap and more mainstream. “I called myself the best rapper. I cannot call myself the best rapper if I have a ghostwriter. “It gets tricky because you can have that one big record, but you can still have that integrity at the same time,” the Compton rapper said.