Benito Di Paula – Sem Tempo Pra Sonhar

É sertão, é cidade evoluída

O bombom do menino foi ao chão
Um sorriso, um salário, prestação
Quem passa, quem olha, pára e entra
Caridade, carinho, salvação
Lá se foi meu tempo de sonhar
Um amor, um letreiro, fantasia
Uma porta, uma flor, samba e Maria
Já vem raiando um novo dia, uma noite se foi
Lá se foi meu tempo de sonhar
Olha o jogo, é gol, é juventude

A menina sorri, a velha olha
Melodia, viola, a Terra gira
Pra casa, ou, se não, pra trabalhar
Carro que pára, passa e buzina
Eu olho pra tudo, e até penso

Alegria, anedota de salão
Lá se foi meu tempo de sonhar
Multidão, carnaval, sinal fechado,
Quem passa, quem olha, pára e entra
Sol, garoa, chuva e neblina
Pra onde eles vão, quem vem lá

Quem passa, quem olha, pára e entra
Bangalô, poesia, barracão
Outra virá, gente que pára, corre e anda

Scala & Kolacny Brothers – Underneath It All

I am stained
Kill my brain
All I do

I can still feel you
Hear your call
Yet you still remain
All I do
I can still feel you
After all I’ve tried
Underneath it all
You are still inside
You remain
I can still feel you
After all I’ve died
Numb all through


Silbermond – Verschwende Deine Zeit

Komm verschwende deine Zeit
Jeden Tag zur selben Zeit
Denn wir wissen
Leg dich lieber noch mal hin
Und gib der Hektik keinen Sinn
Dass die Uhr tickt
Absolut unwichtig
Lass dir nicht erzähln
Was man tun und lassen darf
Komm verschwende deine Zeit
Davon geht die Welt nicht unter
Das besorg dir lieber morgen
Vieles ist so nichtig
Oder lass es einfach ganz

Mach was dir gefällt
Und überall kriegt man gesagt
Dass die Uhr tickt

Absolut unwichtig
Denn wir wissen
Vieles ist so nichtig
Genieße einfach den Moment
Mach mal nichts und nimm dir frei
Mach dich frei von dem was stresst
Doch darauf ham wir heut kein Bock

Lass mal los und lebe jetzt
Uend was du heute kannst besorgen
Grüßt uns die Alltäglichkeit
Und mach was dir gefällt
Verschwende deine Zeit
Nich so wirklich wichtig
Nich so wirklich wichtig

Du hast dich viel zu lange geweielt
Und wir sagen immer schön "Hallo"
Mach was dir gefällt

Vokodlok – Decay

Acclaim his arrival.
This is the fall of God and rotted ideals.
Show again that strength is one.
This is the fall of God, the fall of times
Decay in time to die,
Prayers of hatred invade the head
Falling beneath your touch.
In the endless dawn of victory
When howling wolves
With wings that cover the light of day.
That led to Christ’s death
Proud he’s the leader of men
Decay is moment of pray,
Dethroned the heaven’s purity.
Materialized in flesh and has no remorse,
Spitting on the cross
The fall of god, the fall of times, the fall in agony.
Desecrate the goodness.
Baptized all unholy souls with blood
Perverted creatures of hell
From open wound in the skies.
Decay is moment of pain,
Armageddon is unleashed
Love and mercy is no worth
Only blood from Christian throat,
Breathless bodies
The horny beings of death
Under the sign of tormenting.
Decay is god’s final day,
He’s the sin in body of serpent
A face so good, behind diabolical smile.
Raise armies from below, invocate
Bringer of damnation
Prince of doom

The Knees – Can’t Stop Now

Got a memory
Had a little dream

‘Cause we’ve got more than enough somehow
‘Cause we’ve got more than enough somehow
Gotta think aloud – gotta breathe but I’m O-M-G
Kind of in between – gotta start as you need to be

Your fingers and toes
But you know that we just can’t stop now
‘Cause we’ve got more than enough somehow
Your fingers and toes

Oh, hi – I hope that nobody knows
What it doesn’t mean
I think I get what you mean
So cross your fingers and toes
But you know that we just can’t stop now
Got a story of
But you know that we just can’t stop now
Gotta take a walk

But you know that we just can’t stop now
Gotta count to three

‘Cause we’ve got nothing but trouble now
‘Cause we’ve got nothing but trouble now

But you know that we just can’t stop now
But you know that we just can’t stop now
Gotta make a wish
But you know that we just can’t stop now
But you know that we just can’t stop now
That you won’t believe – gotta breathe but I’m O-M-G
Gonna slow it down
‘Cause we’ve got nothing but trouble now
Have a little sleep
‘Cause we’ve got more than enough somehow
‘Cause we’ve got nothing but trouble now
Gonna make it up
I think I get what you mean

Of a memory – gotta start as you mean to be
Tryin’ to work it out
Tryin’ to come around

The Kinks – Live Life (US Single Mix)

Act normal there’s nothing wrong
You gotta live life, you gotta live life
And see crooked politicians and the unemployment queues

Stay cool, just carry on
but they’d rather sniff coke instead of glue.
Don’t panic, don’t lose control
Don’t get depressed when you read in the press
They got every solution for every revolution.
You can’t pretent there’s nothing wrong,
then they salute the Union Jack.
You gotta live life for yourself, can’t live life for anyone else
Have you heard about trouble throughout the land
You can’t live life for anyone else
for every cause that’s ever been in fashion.
So don’t you believe all you read in the headlines
You gotta live life, that’s all you do

Out of work executives are killing themselves
it’s not the end, so just carry on.
Keep your head, keep ahold
With the fascists and the left wing militants
Right-wing fascists beat up the blacks,
Nobody gonna live their life for you
Nobody gonna live their life for you

You gotta live life, that’s all you can do
Live life, you gotta live life
because they’re dedicated followers of any old thing.
Weekend revolutionaries protest and sing
About world revolution and social unrest

They live in the slums just like the poor people do
Try not to panic when you switch on the news
Extra verse from long version:
are killing everybody else And the I.R.A.

You gotta live life that’s all you do
You gotta live life and be yourself
Oh, life’s a mother, oh, life’s a mother
Nobody gonna live your life for you
Carry on it’s all you can do
Trendy intellectuals always take action,

It’s only life it’s really fine

Live life see it through
Oh, life’s a mother, oh, life’s a mother
You gotta live life for yourself, can’t live for anyone else

Harlequin Jones – Overflow

So much it overflows

Defeat’s a phase, conquer the pain
Too much to hold or carry home
So much it overflows

He wore a look i couldn’t face, i’d never be the same
Too much to hold or carry home…
Clawing at straws, up and down off the walls
Try to conceive what it was like to be
Revealing my history to a man who made me turn away
Does it show so much everyone knows
As he measure the weight of the problem in place
Then you fall and its all a black out
Crawl 6 feet straight back out
They’d take me out just to announce that i would never escape
I was kept caged, humiliated on public display
Looking back at my body from the cracks in the ceiling
Does it show so much everyone knows

Sunt mare golan – Nicolae Guta versuri

Ai ai ai sunt mare golaaan
Ai ai ai chiar de nu am bani
Face ce fac si fetele ma plac
La toate le pun capaccc. Au ce ma doare inima
Inima, inima
Vai ca pe toate le-as lua
Si le-as saruta. Versuri Nicolae Guta
Video golan Auuu ce ma doare inima
Inima, inima
Vai ca pe toate le-as lua
Si le-as saruta. Ai ai ai sunt mare golan
Ai ai ai chiar de nu am bani
Face ce fac si fetele ma plac
La toate le pun capac.
Versuri Nicolae Guta – Sunt mare golan
Vai mama mia ce-i aici
Ce-i aici, ce-i aici
Auuu, este plin doar de gagici
Numai de gagici.(sunt mare golan)
Vai mama mia ce-i aici
Ce-i aici, ce-i aici
Auuu, este plin doar de gagici
Numai de gagici. (x2) Ai ai ai sunt mare golan
Ai ai ai chiar de nu am bani
Face ce fac si fetele ma plac
La toate le pun capac.

Vem ca mozao – Mc Joao letra

Letra Mc Joao – Vem ca mozao
Eu falei para ela ahn, ahn
Que discussão
Não ajeita a situação
Vem ca Mozao
Que eu vou te passar a visão
Que a melhor parte
É quando “nóis” faz as pazes.
Mc Joao letra
Video mozao Vai sentando suave
Vem quicando suave
De ladinho suave
Vem amando suave. Pego no seu cabelo
Desse jeito que tu gama
Que a melhor parte, dessa treta,
É “nóis” dois na camaaa.

Dans le 13 – Jul paroles

J’pense à mon avenir pendant qu’toi tu penses à tenir
On s’parle plus t’es mon poto, qu’es-ce que t’attends pour venir
Ca te jalouse les nerfs tout ça au lieu d’te soutenir
Sois-disant toi tu niques des mères, si j’ai bon souvenir
Vous m’avez pompé l’air, j’vais caller dans un coin pénard
J’pose des sandwichs au quartier
Pendant qu’vous posez des Ruinards
J’serais pas costaud comme Popey
Même si j’mange 2 kil’ d’épinards
Ils vont passer au XXX quand t’auras l’corps d’un Corbillard
J’suis rapta c’est le soir et j’fais un tour vers Corbières
Pas d’sous pour la chambre en chien j’la mettais entre 2 pierres
Tôt ou tard on s’reparlera ça sert a rien d’jouer l’fuyard
C’est pas les boules la c’est mes couilles, j’ai posé sur l’billard
J’ai misé sur l’attaque, j’vais renforcé la charnière
Que des embrouilles au quartier, y’avait l’Sheitan aux barrières
J’trainais à la pace ou au Prameaux
En bas d’la pente ou à la barrière
On m’dis Jul j’serais pas là si j’aurais eu ta carrière
J’ai mis l’s**t dans l’tabac, j’ai mis l’sirop dans la bière
J’insulte les flics comme un gamin
A 2 doigts d’leur jeter des pierres
On connait la galère toi la tomate pas ton gruyère
Les soirées quand y’a pas un pour récupérer la caisse à la fourrière
Au début j’faisais ça pour rire, un jour j’arrêterais ça s’pourrait
Les potos c’est comme les fruits on m’a dit des fois ça pourri
Tu l’esquive, il t’as secouru
Tu te caches dans un trou d’souris
Un pour tous, tous pour un mais y’a eu l’Akha on a tous courru (Akhaaaa)
J’ai d’l’inspi, pas besoin de tirer à 2 sur le spliff
J’suis triste comme l’instru
Fais le signe Jul, j’fais un screen
M’en veux pas j’m’exprime
Mets toi ça dans l’esprit
Ennemi public du game numéro 1, appelle moi Jack Mesrine
Quand j’zone dans la tess j’vois beaucoup d’têtes balafrés
Des dents cassés, des mecs qui t’sors le couteau, ou le pompe pas la vrai
Il fait tarpin beau on va passer l’été au quartier
J’connais l’travail de bon matin
J’en place une pour les gens au chantier
Ok, j’vais vraiment les choquer
J’vais tellement les f*ck, tu vas les voir suffoquer
Boulette sur siège baquet
J’ai qu’une ture’, veulent m’embarquer
En 6.3 AMG, tu vas m’voir débarquer
Il fait froid, j’ai mis la Parka, j’suis en Kalenji en Quéchua
J’vais les niquer, si tu peux empêche-moi
La vie c’est brutal comme un coup d’bates dans l’front
Ils font pas un, j’me sens coupable dans l’fond
Ca fait vous chauffe et on m’dis fait pas attention
Mais j’te mens pas là elle monte la tension
Mauvais garçon, dans la place
En contre-façon, j’ai pas la classe
Mais bon passons, faut qu’je brasse
T’es plein de façons mais c’est pas grave, ouais
Faut qu’je passe à l’acte
Ne dis pas à au B me raconte pas d’salade
Il est bizarre il dit même plus Salam
Ca l’a braqué il a rangé sa lame
Askiparait le phénomène s’éssouffle
Bientôt le 13ème album je te souffle
Et j’en ai 2 autres de prêt coffré
Au cas où tu voudrais faire l’sourd. Jul paroles
Video 13 Tu verras des groupes sur la moto, dans le 13
Ca répond pas ça fait pas les lotos, dans le 13
Je sors ça me rafale de photos, dans le 13
Je fais tranquille dodo, dans le 13.
Paroles Jul – Dans le 13
Et là on va tout niquer là heinnn
Eh mercii heinnn
135 Jujujul, eh merci hein
On va tout péter hein
2017 que tu t’y attends pas
Ca viendra dans la nuque.(dans le 13)

Big blue – Famous Dex lyrics

Pouring up a wock and the Big Blue (I did)
Don’t want to sip but your b*tch do (Lil b*tch)
Looking at your diamonds so fufu (Ahhh)
A pus*y a*s nigga wear hola-hoop (Wait). (x2)
If they tell me get them I got them (What)
I pint sit call it Rocket (Lil Rocket)
Run in your house tell em’ drop it
Don’t want that b*tch man I tell her to stop ittt. Wait, wock, huh sippin’ that wock I don’t stop
Sippin’ that wock fill my heart (ou)
My diamonds shine in the dark huh, wait (huh)
I just pull up in a Bentley coup (huh)
pus*y a*s nigga wear tutu (b*tch). A diamond color like some fruit
Call up Gino you know he gon’ shoot (Dexter). Famous Dex lyrics
Video blue
Run in your house tell em’ drop it
Open the safe boy you better not lock it
Don’t want that b*tch she ain’t poppin’
She f*ck for the fame, I’m not rockin’. Fly as hell like my nickname is Peter
I just might buy a new freezer (what)
Don’t want that b*tch she a eater (huh)
You wifing that b*tch don’t believe her. (x2)
If they tell me get them I got them
I pint sit call it Rocket (Lil Rocket)
Run in your house tell em’ drop it
Don’t want that b*tch man I tell her to stop it. Lyrics Famous Dex – Big Blue
Pouring up a wock and the Big Blue (I did)
Don’t want to sip but your b*tch do (Lil B*tch)
Looking at your diamonds so fufu (ah-what)
A pus*y a*s nigga wear hoola-hoop (wait)..

Ringling Bros. circus closing show after 146 years

By 2014, the plaintiffs, including the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Humane Society, had been ordered to pay the circus $25 million to reimburse its legal fees. Kenneth Feld, chairman and CEO of show producer Feld Entertainment, said he and his family came to the “difficult” decision to end the circus “after much evaluation and deliberation.”
“Nearly 50 years ago, my father founded our company with the acquisition of Ringling Bros.,” he said in a statement on the group’s website.”
“The circus and its people have continually been a source of inspiration and joy to my family and me, which is why this was such a tough business decision to make.”
The group has a total of 30 stops scheduled on its 2017 tour. Animal rights controversies
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals cheered Ringling’s latest decision as the end of an era, and called for other circuses to follow their lead. World’s Greatest Shows, merged with Barnum & Bailey’s Greatest Show on Earth. Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, joined in. In May 2015, the circus retired its performing elephants after major criticism from animal rights groups, including widely circulated videos from PETA that showed a male handler hitting elephants with an ankus, or pointed stick. Two whales were boiled alive in their tanks during one of the fires. Barnum’s first show in 1871. You feel it is the end of an era,” long-time trainer Trudy Williams told AFP at the time. “It is sad. The Ringling Brothers herd was the largest in the Western hemisphere for Asian elephants, listed as an endangered species by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, which says 40,000-50,000 exist in the world in highly fragmented populations. The case was eventually thrown out after a lead witness was found to have been paid for his testimony by animal rights groups. One such object was the Fiji mermaid, or Feejee mermaid, which was in fact no less than the head and torso of a monkey sewn to the body and tail of a fish. and Barnum & Bailey Circus announced Saturday it will host its final show in May, ending “The Greatest Show on Earth” after 146 years.  
“After 36 years of PETA protests, which have awoken the world to the plight of animals in captivity, PETA heralds the end of what has been the saddest show on Earth for wild animals, and asks all other animal circuses to follow suit, as this is a sign of changing times,” the group’s president Ingrid Newkirk said in a statement. The final “Circus XTREME” show will take place at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island on May 7, while the group’s “Out Of This World” tour will take place May 21 at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York. Barnum launched his traveling circus after fires destroyed his Barnum’s American Museum. Ringling Brothers was also embroiled in a 14-year lawsuit in which animal rights groups alleged the circus was mistreating its herd. “A major moment as big brands that harm animals fade away and more humane businesses emerge I applaud @RinglingBros announcement,” he tweeted. While the Ringling brothers had been better known for traditional circus fare, Barnum was dubbed the “Prince of Humbugs,” known as a shameless promoter of incredible hoaxes, freak shows and zoological curiosities. Company executives cited high operating costs and declining ticket sales after the traveling American circus retired its popular elephants as reasons for drawing the curtain on a celebrated spectacle that traces its origins to politician and showman P.T. In 1881, Barnum teamed up with James Bailey to run their “Greatest Show on Earth,” making a fortune along the way. Ringling Bros. Freak show origins
Although Barnum’s first show took place decades before, it was not until 1919 that a group started by five Wisconsin brothers, Ringling Bros. Animal rights groups cheered the move as a success story following decades of activism against the use of animals in the circus.

The ‘Madhouse Effect’ of climate denial in America

“Tom Toles, in my view, has found a way to make delay and denial and despair funny, in an odd way. “We now encounter climate change denialism, an agenda of inaction on climate change in all of our branches of government now, in the Congress and in the presidency,” he says. “If we don’t dramatically bring down our emissions over the next decade, then we will likely commit to warming the planet more than that amount.”
In “The Madhouse Effect,” Mann and Toles use basic science — and comedy — to dismantle common climate denial perspectives and give evidence for action. One chapter of the book, called “Geoengineering, or ‘What Could Possibly Go Wrong?’” is dedicated to exposing the perils of large-scale climate intervention projects. California has the scientists, it has the lawyers. “What we’re talking about here are massive interventions with the Earth system that involve shooting things into the atmosphere, particles up into the stratosphere or dumping iron into the ocean, or putting mirrors in space to reflect sunlight or interfering with the climate system … in some unprecedented and untested way,” Mann explains.   
“Some scientists will point to [that] … as the level of truly dangerous, irreversible changes in climate,” Mann says. Just talk to ranchers in Texas or Oklahoma who recently suffered through the worst drought on record, Mann says, or look to the drought currently baking California: “For all those people, catastrophic climate change has already arrived.”
But despite the evidence, many Americans still deny that global temperatures are on a devastating path: President-elect Donald Trump, for one, has called global warming a “hoax” on numerous occasions. They’re going to act. “Jerry Brown actually said that he doesn’t care what Trump does. A cartoon from Toles drives the point home. They’re going to move ahead.”
And according to Mann, quick progress is of the essence because — here’s the other good thing — we still might be able to limit climate change to a scope we can survive within. “When you frame something in a humorous way, it leads to people dropping their defenses a little bit, sort of finding a side door,” Mann explains. 2016 is a wrap — and with it, likely the hottest year ever recorded. For one, if the federal government fails to provide effective national climate policy (such as putting a price on carbon), he sees an opportunity for state and local governments to step in. Its caption reads, “Year 2060: The search for a breakthrough technology to solve climate change continues.” In the drawing, two scientists tinker with a contraption of tubes and wires, as one of them explains to an onlooker (dressed in stars and stripes) that “it’s a time machine we hope will take us back 50 years when we should have put a price on carbon.”
“It’s a sort of gallows humor, I suppose, at times,” Mann says.  
“So we haven’t yet committed ourselves to truly catastrophic irreversible changes in our climate that go beyond our adaptive capacity, but we don’t have a lot of time left, and we do need to make progress over the next few years,” he says. “It’s worrying at a time when we need to be accelerating this transition away from our dependence on fossil fuels.”
Climate science shows that global temperatures are careening towards a critical checkpoint. Trump.” Suddenly, climate change denial is back in style, he says — and back in power. According to Mann, not only can these types of geoengineering projects be dangerous, they also involve a “kinder, gentler” form of climate change denial — insinuating that there can be a solution to climate change without quitting fossil fuels. But without a message of hope, without an avenue forward, gallows humor alone doesn’t lead us in the right direction.”
“And so one of the struggles in the book was to find a way to use the humor to go beyond just the exposure of hypocrisy of climate-change-denying politicians, but to try to paint a positive path forward at the same time.”
For Mann, hope takes several forms. The Earth shouldn’t warm by any more than 2 degrees Celsius   or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Mann addresses this disavowal trend in his new book, “The Madhouse Effect: How Climate Change Denial Is Threatening Our Planet, Destroying Our Politics, and Driving us Crazy,” which he co-authored with political cartoonist Tom Toles. “We’re going to need to find a way to make that progress even with a [United States] presidency which may end up on the wrong side of this issue.”
This article is based on an   interview   that aired on PRI’s   Living on Earth   with Steve Curwood. If Trump starts to defund our climate satellites, California will build them and put them up there. “When conditions are conducive to rainfall, you’re going to get more of it.” But the heat can be drying, too. “I actually had a meeting with [California Gov.] Jerry Brown just a few days ago, who is really leading the way on this issue,” Mann says. Mann says when they published the book last fall, “little did we realize how prescient the book would seem in the context of the way things have played out, in not just the UK election, the Brexit vote, but in the election of Donald J. Temperatures weren’t the only anomaly: Louisiana, for instance, saw floods so severe they should only happen every 1,000 years.Player utilitiesPopout
downloadListen to the Story.

According to Michael Mann,   a climate scientist at Penn State University,   the two events are related: “The bottom line here is that the atmosphere is warmer than it was, [meaning it] holds more moisture than it used to,” he says.

Another riot in an overcrowded Brazilian prison

We are going to verify the extent of the damage,” district security official Caio Berreza said on Globo News television. A series of massacres early this month left 100 prisoners dead —   many of them active members of gangs, authorities said. Officials raised the death toll from Saturday’s riot at the Alcacuz prison from three to 10. Security forces stormed the prison in northeastern Rio Grande do Norte state at dawn on Sunday and restored order after 14 hours of violence, local authorities said. “There are at least three inmates dead because we were able to see their heads,” state prisons manager Zemilton Silva told local media on Saturday. The prison, just outside the state capital Natal, is built for a maximum of 620 inmates but currently houses 1,083, the state justice department said. District security authorities said in a statement on Sunday that there were “at least 10 confirmed deaths.”
“We cannot yet confirm the final number of victims. Brazilian police on Sunday quelled a riot that left at least 10 people dead in a northern jail, the latest of several gruesome gang-related massacres in the country’s overcrowded prisons. Officials said members of two separate drug gangs had come out of different parts of the prison and clashed violently. Brazilian media said the riot was thought to be a clash between Brazil’s biggest drug gang, the First Capital Command (PCC), and a group allied to its main rival Red Command. They earlier said at least three inmates were beheaded. It was believed to be part of a war between drug gangs battling for control of one of the world’s most important cocaine markets and trafficking routes.

How ‘letters to the future’ are putting the spotlight on climate action now

But I stopped trying so hard.”
For Shrum, it was a watershed moment. Back at Harvard, where she was a graduate student in public policy, Shrum connected with Kubit, another student who was also interested in finding a way to talk about climate change with people, to show how it’s meaningful on a personal level. Shrum says they’re looking for an institution to archive the trove of messages as a time capsule, to be exhibited “in 2030 and 2050, and potentially beyond.”
For now, DearTomorrow’s founders are hoping that the project will strike a chord with all types of people, from climate activists to people who may otherwise have a hard time connecting the perils of climate change to their daily lives. For activists Trisha Shrum and Jill Kubit, climate change isn’t just an abstract concept. “At the heart of it, this is a storytelling project,” Kubit says. “When you try to give excuses to your child about why you didn’t protect their future, and why you didn’t enable the best possible world for them that you could, those excuses just fall flat,” she says. But even as Shrum wrote about how she’d worked to make a difference, she found herself making excuses for why she hadn’t done more to fight climate change. “I’ve tried, but, to be honest, I haven’t tried all that hard,” she wrote. And she began to wonder if the epiphany about her own “climate legacy” could be shared with others. Normal, beautiful things. I fell in love with your father and got married and had you. “The idea was that she was going to read it, I was going to send it to her, in the year 2050,” she adds. “And I was just writing in a very honest, open way, of everything that I’ve been doing on climate change,” she says. Hearing about it, she says, “Something kind of clicked for me.”
At the time, Shrum’s daughter Eleanor was 10 months old. “Instead I’ve focused on my own life. At the conference, Christiana Figueres, then head of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, had given a talk that ended with a haunting story:
“She has this dream where the eyes of these children who are living in the future are looking at her and saying, ‘You knew about climate change. In a recent letter to him, she explained that the DearTomorrow project was “a small piece [in] trying to get people to take a step back, to reflect about what climate change means and to imagine what the world on the other side looks like.”
Letters, videos   and photographs from people around the world are collected on the project’s website. “What would I say to her now?” Shrum remembers thinking on the plane. At the time, her son Gabriel was 18 months old, and she had been thinking a lot about what raising a child would be like “in this period of time which is very scary, and also potentially very exciting,” she says. “And how could I capture this moment of how I feel today about climate change … in a way that she can relate to when she is my age?”
Shrum cracked open her laptop and began writing a letter to Eleanor. Rather, it has faces and names: Eleanor and Gabriel, their children. And through their time capsule project   DearTomorrow, Shrum and Kubit are hoping you’ll connect the planet’s future to your loved ones, too.Player utilitiesPopout
downloadListen to the Story. What did you do about it?’” Shrum recalls. This article is based on a story that aired on PRI’s   Living on Earth   with Steve Curwood.

DearTomorrow invites people to share letters, photos   and videos about how they’re working against climate disruption — the idea being the notes   will be seen decades in the future. Shrum got the idea for the project in 2014, on the flight home from a climate change conference in Iceland. “I had always felt like as a movement, as organizations, and as people, we weren’t always talking about it in a way that really, really got to the core of ‘Why are we doing this work?’”
“And the moment I heard this idea — Trisha was like, ‘I wrote this letter, it was a very powerful thing for me.’ I was like, ‘I’m on board, I’ll do anything.’”
Kubit became a co-founder of DearTomorrow. By then, she had already spent eight years trying to frame the topic in a way that seemed relevant.

Germany’s Merkel warns Trump against protectionism

to moving forward together than when everyone resolves their problems for themselves. During the US campaign, Steinmeier was even more damning, saying the prospect of a Trump presidency was “frightening” for the world. Asked if she believed “protectionist tendencies” by Trump could pose a threat, Merkel recalled the example of the 2008 global financial crisis, which “came from the United States.”
“As heads of state and government [of the G20], we said: ‘We must resolve the problem facing us together,'” she said. He compared Trump to a “hate preacher,”   saying he had much in common with “fearmongers” in Germany’s right-wing populist AfD party and advocates of Britain’s exit from the EU. I am truly convinced of this,” she told a press conference at a meeting of her CDU party. German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned Saturday against protectionist tendencies of US President-elect Donald Trump, citing lessons learned in the 2008 global financial crash and stressing the need to “move forward together.”
“My profound conviction is that there are more advantages… “I think this way worked, and naturally we are going to seek dialogue with the new American president,” who will be inaugurated on January 20. “And the response to overcome that financial crisis was not a response based on closing oneself off, but a response which called for cooperation, for common rules, for regulation of financial markets. Trump’s attitude has fuelled concern in Germany: on Thursday Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said he was “perplexed” by Trump comparing the leak of a dossier of unsubstantiated allegations against him to something that could have happened in Nazi Germany. On the campaign trail Trump notably threatened to take protectionist measures against Chinese and Mexican imports, and claimed a first success with a decision by US motor giant Ford not to build a new plant in Mexico.

Trump slams civil rights icon who says his election illegitimate

At least eight House Democrats have publicly stated they will not be attending Trump’s swearing-in at the US Capitol next Friday, with several indicating their absence will be an act of political protest. “You cannot be at home with something that you feel that is wrong.”
US intelligence organizations have accused Russia of cyberattacks on the Democratic National Committee and distributing hacked emails from senior Clinton aides in an effort to influence the US election. “I don’t see this president-elect as a legitimate president,” Lewis told NBC’s “Meet the Press” talk show in an interview that will air Sunday. Lewis took part in so-called Freedom —   challenges to segregated facilities at bus terminals in the South. President-elect Donald Trump lashed out Saturday at a prominent civil rights icon and lawmaker who said he is skipping next week’s inauguration ceremony because he sees the New York businessman’s election as illegitimate. And they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton,” he said, adding that he will skip the presidential inauguration for the first time since becoming a member of Congress in 1987. “I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected. “Congressman John Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart (not to mention crime infested) rather than falsely complaining about the election results,” Trump said in a tweet. On March 7, 1965, he led a march in Selma, Alabama that ended in an attack by state troopers on the protesters that later became known as “Bloody Sunday.”   Lewis, who represents a district in the southern state of Georgia that includes Atlanta and surrounding areas, on Friday became the most high-profile Democratic lawmaker to boycott Trump’s inauguration. “All talk, talk, talk — no action or results. Sad!” he added. Lewis, 76, is known for his decades of work in the civil rights movement, and marched with Martin Luther King at the August 1963 rally in Washington at which King gave his “I Have a Dream” speech.

Citizen scientists have been taking an annual ‘bird census’ for over a century

Basically, as Kriensky says of the Christmas Bird Count, “everything counts.” Even the little brown sparrows that flock in droves across New York City. The count, which begins every Dec. “And it’s still pretty exciting, even if you get a high count of a really common bird. You can watch this year’s Christmas Bird Count results roll in here. The birds they counted represented roughly one-quarter of the world’s known bird species. “It’s a bird that shouldn’t be [there] at all, let alone at this season,” he says, adding that the little tanager was a hatch-year bird, and may have headed east instead of south on its first migration. Decades’ worth of bird count data show that bluebirds have expanded their range northward “quite a bit over the last 50 years,” LeBaron says. “I think it’s important to count the common birds while they’re still common because then you can tell are there changes over time in those populations,” she adds. “We have a new program called Climate Watch which we’re testing out right now, and it’s actually looking for areas where bluebirds are moving into during the winter in the north, and probably out of in the south,” he says. As snow, wind and rain kept many of us cozy inside our homes this December, thousands of bird-watchers grabbed their binoculars and headed out for a day in the elements.Player utilitiesPopout
downloadListen to the Story. “We actually have a really amazing diversity of birds here in New York City, and even in our really small parks, our pocket parks, we get a lot of birds,” she says. 5, is a census of local bird populations. And LeBaron took part in a counting party in South Kingstown, Rhode Island, which spotted a northern waterthrush for just the third time in that area. “We can then sort of measure how much effort was expended to actually count all the birds that are tallied every year.”
While it’s too early to get the big picture on this year’s bird populations, local counts — each covering an area just 15 miles in diameter — have already yielded some surprises. “So, in a year like this, where potentially, weather is impacting the number of people that are out there and how they can get around, [the count] is still valuable data because we’re tracking ‘birds per party hour,'” LeBaron says. Taken at the end of the fall migration, the census provides a snapshot of “how many of which birds are where” — valuable data for scientists studying everything from climate change to the effects of West Nile virus. Even stranger was the sight of a western tanager, which had never been recorded there before.

Theirs was no average bird-nerd-devotion: They were on a mission to count every bird they saw or heard, as part of the National Audubon Society’s   117th annual Christmas Bird Count. So we’ll see how that bird fares.”
One avian species that the Christmas Bird Count has helped scientists learn more about is the bluebird. “But also there’s been a series of strong storms that have swept right across from the Pacific Northwest over here, and that can also bring birds over. It’s a shift that Audubon is digging into further with a new citizen science project. In New York City’s Central Park, counters spotted a killdeer, a shorebird that usually doesn’t hang around Manhattan this time of year, says Debra Kriensky, a conservation biologist at the New York City Audubon. “So it’s trying to track how the birds are responding to climate change.”
In fact, if you missed this year’s Christmas Bird Count, there are opportunities to observe birds for science all year long: Another, newer bird count, the Great Backyard Bird Count, takes place every February, attracting bird-watchers from around the globe. LeBaron explains that the Christmas Bird Count dates all the way back to 1900, when ornithologist Frank Chapman proposed counting birds over the holiday, rather than hunting them. For example, we had in Central Park 1,300 white-throated sparrows. Results from this year’s tally are still pouring in, but last year, 77,000 birders recorded just under 59 million birds across the United States, Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean   and Pacific Islands. In addition to collecting bird observation data, the count also tracks “effort data,” which helps scientists accurately interpret bird count results. “The beauty of the [Christmas Bird Count] is that we really are getting a yardstick on everything that’s out there on a continental basis at the same time of year, and we can actually really track what’s happening over time with a lot of the species,” says Geoff LeBaron, Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count director. So they’re an abundant bird this time of year, but that’s a lot a lot of sparrows, and it was really fun counting them all throughout the park.”
This article is based on an   interview   that aired on PRI’s   Science Friday. 14 and wraps every Jan. There’s even a program called Hummingbirds at Home: “The goal of that is actually to track what food sources the hummingbirds are using in people’s yards,” LeBaron says.

Three ways to die on Venus, and other space facts

On Aug. “It’s based on Mercury’s very slow day and it’s very fast year. And who knows what kind of mythology will spring from that.”
Regas is an outreach astronomer at the Cincinnati Observatory, co-host of the PBS program “Star Gazers,” and author of the new book,   “Facts from Space!: From Super-Secret Spacecraft to Volcanoes in Outer Space, Extraterrestrial Facts to Blow Your Mind!” It presents all kinds of   trivia and other colorful facts about the universe.

As astronomer Dean Regas explains, that’s because the stars are moving relative to our position here. 21, 2017, the continental United States will experience a total solar eclipse. “Definitely mark your calendars, because, on that day, the sun will be covered over by the moon completely, covered over for a few minutes. Regas says the eclipse should be visible within a 100-mile-wide strip of land spanning from Oregon to South Carolina. “The report said it took them two hours to collect them,” Regas notes. Bask in the heat. He shared a few of his favorite anecdotes from the book with Science Friday’s Ira Flatow. “So you would be a melted, squished, ‘acidy’ pile of goop on Venus.”
As parting trivia, Regas shares details about an astronomical event that hasn’t even happened yet. Then, why it’s so hot is because there are these clouds, this dense atmosphere that traps in the heat.”
If the heat doesn’t get you, Regas suggests the oppressive atmosphere would do you in. “Venus is 900 degrees Fahrenheit on the surface — like, everywhere,” Regas says. “We’ve been waiting for a total solar eclipse in the US for a long time,” Regas says. The first option? When the astronaut opened it up, amid the weightlessness of space, the chocolates flew everywhere. And it is the most amazing sight you will ever see.”
This article is based on an interview that aired on PRI’s   Science Friday. He writes that if you were standing on Mercury during its closest approach to the sun — this point in its orbit is called “perihelion” — the sun “would look more than nine times larger and shine nine times brighter than your Earthly view of the sun during Earth’s perihelion.”
Finally, for the morbidly space-curious among us, Regas explains that there are several ways to die (quickly) on Venus. “This is probably the worst planet for humans,” he says. The full title of Dean Regas’ book, available now, is “Facts from Space!: From Super-Secret Spacecraft to Volcanoes in Outer Space, Extraterrestrial Facts to Blow Your Mind!”   “If the clouds open up and it starts raining, it doesn’t rain [water], it rains sulfuric acid,” Regas explains. “That atmosphere, it would actually exert such force on you, it would squish you flat,” Regas says. Today we call it the “Big Dipper,” but in the year 75000, we may look up in the night sky and admire a constellation known affectionately as the “Big Spatula.”Player utilitiesPopout
downloadListen to the Story. Regas says that an astronaut, on a Russian mission, received   a box of chocolates from his wife. It’s just a weird thing to see a sunrise, sunset, and sunrise right in the same place.”
And in his book, Regas shares even more about Mercury’s sun-viewing potential. “North Pole, South Pole, equator, daytime, nighttime — it’s 900 degrees. “I think ‘eat them’ more likely would be the right answer.”
Secondly, Mercury is a great place to “catch the sunrise.” After all, Regas says, it’s the planet closest to the sun. For starters, here’s a tip: When you smuggle snacks into space, open them carefully. “If you’re on Mercury in certain places, you could watch the sun rise, and then it’ll stop, turn around, go backwards, and set where it rose   and then rise again,” Regas adds. But even better? “Where we saw the Big Dipper, they’ll see something that looks like a big spatula. “And so you know, over thousands and thousands of years, the constellations we see today will actually change a little bit,” he says. “The air pressure on Venus would squish you like a tin can.”
Your third option for dying on Venus (although there are probably more) is to enjoy a “Venusian” rainstorm.

Welcome to San Escobar, a dreamy nation accidentally founded by Poland

RT aired for about ten minutes before C-SPAN1 came back. Credit:

Wikimedia Commons

A national currency:
BREAKING: #SanEscobar releases new banknote in honour of El Comandante
— Exen   (Exen) January 12, 2017

A map of San Escobar. Everyone can find it on the map! On Thursday, the place even got some quality promotion on C-SPAN, when the regular broadcast was suddenly interrupted by Russian television’s RT, airing a segment about San Escobar. Unclear what happened. Credit:

Wikipedia screenshot

The new republic is also already taking stances on important diplomatic   issues:
After talks with FM #Waszczykowski the People’s Democratic Republic of #SanEscobar fully supports Poland’s candidacy to the Security Council
— San Escobar (@rpdsanescobar) January 10, 2017
That’s enough, Britain! After some meetings, he told reporters that he’d discussed the proposal with officials from nearly 20 countries —   including,   as he put it, “with countries such as Belize or San Escobar.”
Oops. These acts of our former imperial overlords will not be tolerated!
— San Escobar (@rpdsanescobar) January 11, 2017
  Think of it as “a small country located between Mexico and Guatemala with 200,000 citizens, with several main cities, including Esperal Bay, Santo Subito, and with several major exports including tomatoes and wine,” says Ewa Lalik, a technology blogger in Warsaw, Poland. Here’s what happened: Polish   Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski was in New York this week to lobby for a temporary Polish seat on the United Nations   Security Council. “Unfortunately after 22 hours in planes and several connecting flights you can make a slip of the tongue,” Waszczykowski said. It now has an invented flag:

The flag of the imaginary republic of San Escobar. — San Escobar (@rpdsanescobar) January 11, 2017
UK press calls #SanEscobar “non-existent” again. Here’s the moment Russia Today took over the C-SPAN1 feed. Thanks! He added that he was thinking of St.
— Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog) January 12, 2017
Turns out, San Escobar is a nonexistent   place that was inadvertently invented by Poland’s top diplomat. The   Twitterati quickly jumped on the gaffe with all sorts of jokes under the hashtag #SanEscobar.
— Ryszard Mikke (@rmikke) January 11, 2017
And of course a Wikipedia entry:

User-created online encyclopedia entries at Wikipedia now include the story of San Escobar. It was a diplomatic slip that the foreign minister later blamed on jet lag. @eucopresident Please throw the UK out of the EU immediately. Kitts and Nevis, a Caribbean country whose Spanish name, San Cristóbal y Nieves, may have popped into his head. The result is that, on the internet at least, San Escobar’s nationhood is shaping up very nicely. There is no country in the world called San Escobar.Player utilitiesPopout
downloadListen to the Story. Credit:

Wikimedia Commons

@rpdsanescobar Of course there is #SanEscobar!

But in the age of “fake news” let’s just imagine for a moment a “fake country” called San Escobar.