Pie in the sky: Meat-and-potato pastry ventures into the stratosphere

The World Pie Eating Championships 2016 will be held at Harry’s Bar,   in Wigan, England, on Dec. Why are going to send a pie into [the]   sky?’ [But] I wanted to send the pie into space to see what the pie would come back like.”
Fortunately, Callaghan’s curiosity was rewarded when the low-earth orbiting steak confection survived reentry and was recovered by his team. “Everyone said, ‘Are you going barmy? 20. According to Tony Callaghan, pie master of the World Pie Eating Championship, the project was scientifically motivated. PRI.org

Organizers of the World Pie Eating Championship attached the heaven-bound savory treat to a weather balloon, allowing it to rise 30 miles into the stratosphere. However, he says that although it is in one piece, no one has yet had the courage to sample the juicy, one-time sputnik. Footage of the oven-baked carnivore’s delight has now gone viral. A meat-and-potato pie in northern England has boldly gone where no pastry delicacy has gone before: into (near) space.Player utilitiesPopout
downloadListen to the Story. “I thought, ‘I’m going to send a pie into sky,’” he said.