Proclamation – Altars Of Mayhem Lyrics

PROCLAMATIONAltars Of Mayhem Lyrics
Primitive cult gathered at dawn
Obsessed with the signs of a new sun
Burning aurora shines red as fire
In the blades of the ritual knives
Ceremonial rites consecrated by ages
Disturbed black eyes in their dark faces
Ancient fear over the ground full of bones
Time to pay the debt to the eternal lords
The vault is open to receive the bloodfeast of sacrifice
Foredoomed flesh trembling
Await the bless of the razor
Immolators carve the chest and take the still pulsing
While the dead bodies are removed the drums call for more
The temple stones ooze blood
Mutilated corpses in piles. Zephyr of twilight becomes rotten
Brewed with screams of horror
The gods have satiated their hunger
Now the sky is bleeding black
These ALTARS OF MAYHEM will rest until the next sunrise