T-Pain & Lil Wayne – He Rap He Sang (T-Wayne Album)

Okay shawty gettin’ handsome with Lil Wizane, no Lil Zane
Baby I’m a trapper turned rapper turned sanger
And I’m like bitch ain’t me get in line with the rest
I hit ya arm, leg, leg, arm, head
Everything you wish you was, it’s T-Pain, babe
And he does, we does everything you wish you was
Wayne I’ma hold you down on this rap shit, mane
Pullin’ on my roots, I had to hang her, whip her
Ha, once again it’s on
You know what I’m sayin’? Like…
It’s T-Wayne, alright, bang, bang

thank God I’m famous And…
‘Cause a lot of these ballers’d be around here chainless
But I made bling bling, yeah, ching, ching
Ice grill, hood niggas put your dentures in
But since we’re doin’ the same thing now it’s no difference
He rap, he sang and he do, his thang
[Intro: T-Pain]
Damn, if you was just a virgin to Pain
Have that lead come out the back of your head
Now they gon’ learn to respect me, bruh
It’s the white cup dranker

Tallahassee dick her, I’m back on the map
My respect level now is unheard of
And these sorry-ass rappers make a nigga wanna sing

Just think of me as the R&B version of Wayne
Put one more of them claps in the back of your leg
Everything you wish you was, it’s T-Pain, baby
‘Cause he rap, he sang, and he do, his thang
He so sweet make her wanna lick the singer
[Chorus: T-Pain & Lil Wayne]
[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
It’s a Lil Wayne and a whole lot of Pain
So me and Weezy gang bang her
Niggas was laughin’ now they wish they never heard of him
Shut up, bitch, gargle, that’s the motto, holla
And he does, we does everything you wish you was
A lick a shot, 9 millis get burned in their retina
‘Cause even the best say Weezy the best

He rap, he do, he does
It’s T-Wayne, It’s T-Pain
And I send shots like the bartender
He rap, he do, he does
I’m mind rockin’ models with a bottle, if you can’t swallow
[Chorus: Lil Wayne]
Darlin’, suwoo to the bangers
If you want beef, I’ll cook that angus
Bang, bang
I’m in love with a stripper
One word is what I said, click clack and you’re dead
[Verse 1: T-Pain]