The World music features this week: Teitur, Faada Freddy and Hannah Williams & the Affirmations

He told me that despite all the advances in technology, the voice was really the first instrument. Each week on The World, we feature a unique selection of music, and every week, we put together the highlights for you here. The songs were inspired by YouTube videos in which people share something unique about themselves. He was sitting on a bench   getting ready to leave, but before he did, I got the chance to ask him a couple questions about his most recent project. — Marco

“It’s all about the voice”
Faada Freddy is a singer and rapper from Senegal. He was also a founding member of the hip-hop group Daara J.

YouTube-inspired music confessionals
Songwriter Teitur Lassen is from the Faroe Islands. —   April  

And the director’s cutaway pick
As director of The World, I choose a lot of the music you hear coming out of interviews or reporters’   stories. His latest collection of songs is a collaboration with American pianist and composer Nico Muhly, and performed with the Dutch ensemble   Holland Baroque. Senegal singer and rapper Faada Freddy


April Peavey

I met Faada Freddy at the World Music Expo in Spain back in October. This included releasing an acapella/beatboxing album. Here’s a video of a tune from their new album, “Late Nights & Heartbreaks.” —   April Player utilitiesPopout
downloadListen to the Story. It’s powerful and souful. I   also pick the music you hear between breaks. Hannah has a voice to be reckoned with. One recent cut on my “director’s playlist” is by the UK soul band   Hannah Williams & the Affirmations.