The World’s music features this week: Planet Drum at 25, ETHEL and Esma Redžepova

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Mickey Hart’s Planet Drum turns 25
The concept was simple: pull together virtuoso percussionists from five continents   and see what happens. Artists like David Gray and KT Tunstall perform a version of the Rolling Stones’ song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” — Marco
‘A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall’
Finally on this week’s Global Hit podcast, we connect the dots between a Bob Dylan song, singer Patti Smith and the current crisis in Aleppo, Syria. —   Marco

Remembering Esma Redžepova, the Romany queen of song
We remember Esma Redžepova, the singer from Macedonia, who   died at the age of 73. —   April — April

A Rolling Stones classic remade
A British Christmas charity single in memory of the murdered Member of Parliament Jo Cox was released Friday. The World’s Shondiin Silversmith put together this feature on the New York-based string ensemble that’s shaking up the sound of Native American tradition. Here’s more   Redžepova. Money raised from the song will be donated to the foundation set up in the name of the Labor MP who was killed by a white supremacist in June. —   The World staff

New strings
This week, we featured   music from a string quartet, which usually carries these classic sounds: violins, violas and cellos, and not much else. Unless that string quartet happens to be called ETHEL. The project became known as Planet Drum and was led by the Grateful Dead’s drummer Mickey Hart.

Here’s the latest, curated by host Marco Werman and director April Peavey. Her extravagant outfits, big gold earrings and powerful voice were a fixture on world stages for almost five decades. And the demand is keeping record plants humming around the clock. Each week on The World, we feature a unique selection of music, and every week we put together the highlights for you here.Player utilitiesPopout
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And in other news
Vinyl just beat out ditigal downloads in the UK. She was known as the Queen of Romany, or Gypsy music. Hear Marco’s conversation with   Alan Scholefield, co-owner of   Honest Jon’s, a record shop on Portobello Road in London.